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MyePal is your Personal Emergency Tool. Push the “Panic” button during emergency. It will create a loud noise to alert others around you and it will send text message to your friends & families, doctors, emergency responders, etc. with your current location, phone no., etc. if you set it up in advance. Dial 911 during emergency to contact the local Police and emergency hot line. Use “Send Silent Alert” button to send alert to your loved ones in silence. Use “My Location” to find where you are. Use “Setup” option to prepare yourself beforehand by identifying who to contact during emergency.Features :
1. Broadcast Message - Help the victim and spread the news via broadcast feature.2. Panic Widget - Panic Widget is just one click away.3. Pic Me - Send your images to friends when you are in danger.4- Record Me - Send your video to friends when you are in danger.5- Track Me - Keep sending your location to your loved ones at regular interval.6- Around Me - Find nearby emergency services for help.7- Call 911 - Call 911 just by clicking one button.8. Location - Send your current location to friends to find you quickly.